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Estate Planning

Abbotsford Notary Estate Planning Services It's important that your estate is planned correctly and your loved ones are taken care of.

We will work with you to make sure that everything is taken care of and your wills and estate is taken care of and bring you peace of mind.


We provide complete services in preparation of Wills, including the taking of instructions, preparation of the Will, preparation of a Wills Notice and attending to the registration of the Will in the British Columbia Wills Registry. Kindly schedule an appointment with our Notary to provide Will Instructions. We will then attend to the preparation of the Will and schedule a follow-up appointment with the Notary to have the Will signed. You may review the attached Will Instruction Checklist for details of what information the Notary may require, prior to your initial appointment.

Estate Planning Service

Some wish to transfer title into to joint tenancy to avoid probate taxes and avoiding the expense of filing for Probate. Although there may be some advantages in doing this, one should take into account other issues such as tax exposure and potential family issues that may arise. Book a consult appointment today to see if what options may best suits your needs.

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