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Who Can Notarize a Document in Abbotsford?

When a document requires legal authentication, witnessing, or accompanying certification, it is often necessary to have it notarized by an accredited notary public. If you are located in the Fraser Valley and need a document legitimized, it is useful to know where to go to find somebody who can notarize a document in Abbotsford. At Sidhu & Associates, we have a team of licensed Abbotsford notaries who have a wealth of experience in all areas of legal documentation, including real estate transactions, personal and estate planning, conveyances, and notarization of official documents.

What Does it Mean to Notarize a Document?

When a document is notarized in Abbotsford, it authenticates the document and shows that the individuals involved are clear on what is included in the document. A notary public is an officially certified individual who has been educated on a variety of legal processes and given power by the government to create and authenticate documentation on these processes. Notarization helps to deter fraud and create reliability and accountability for legal documents.

In order to notarize a document in Abbotsford, a notary public will need to see valid identification for the parties involved. They will make sure that everyone explicitly understands what they are signing, witness the signatures, and seal the document with their approval.

Who is Legally Permitted to Notarize a Document?

In Abbotsford, it is required that an individual be either a certified notary public who has been appointed to their position by the Supreme Court of British Columbia. In many cases, a lawyer can also notarize a document, but it is more common to have a document notarized by a BC notary public.

How to Pick an Abbotsford Notary

There are many notaries in Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley. In order to pick the very best notary public for your purposes, it is important to do your research. Make sure that your notary has a history in the services that you are looking for by visiting their website and calling their offices. Look at references from reputable sources.

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