Real Estate / Conveyancing

We specialize in all services related to real estate and conveyancing.

Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, or switching mortgage lenders, Sidhu and Associates will ensure that your best interests are served and protected. We will register all relevant paperwork and ensure that all funds are appropriately transferred.

Purchase or Sale of Property

Once your real estate transaction is firm and conditions have been removed, we receive your contract of purchase and sale from your realtor or yourself. Next, our team will gather the necessary information required to complete your transaction before contacting you to set an appointment with a notary, prior to the completion date, to review and sign documents. On the completion date, the transfer of title and exchange of funds will take place, with keys being transferred through your realtor on the date of possession. Our role will be to prepare and accurately register all of the relevant legal paperwork, while ensuring that all funds are transferred to the appropriate parties.

Mortgage Refinancing

Instructions for a mortgage or line of credit are normally sent to us from your bank, credit union, or mortgage broker. Once we receive the mortgage or line of credit documentation, our team will order the required legal searches, gathering the necessary information required to complete your transaction. Our team will then contact you to set up an appointment to see the notary prior to the funding date. Upon registration of the mortgage in the Land Title Office and upon receipt of mortgage funds from the lender, we will payout any existing charges and release any balance of mortgage funds to you by way of trust cheque.

Title Transfers (Family Transfer and Direct Buy & Sell)

After we have received instruction from you regarding the transfer of a title, we will gather the information required to complete your transfer, including obtaining authorization and approval for the title transfer from any mortgage holders. If this is a family transfer, there may be certain exemptions from the property transfer tax. If your transaction qualifies for an exemption, we will ensure that the exemptions get filed appropriately. Once your file is ready, we will contact you to set up an appointment to review and sign the documentation.

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