Notarizations & Other Services

We notarize all types of documents.

For notarizations, we require that the person that is signing be present and bring government picture identification. The price of a notarization may vary depending on the nature of the document. Below is a list of the type of documents that we can notarize:

  • Affidavits for all documents required at any public registry within BC
  • Certified true copies of documents
  • Execution/authentications of international documents
  • Insurance loss declarations
  • Independent legal advice
  • Manufactured home transfers
  • Mortgage refinancing documentation
  • Notarization/attestations of signatures
  • Passport application documentation
  • Personal property security agreements
  • Promissory notes (drafted in our office)
  • Proof of identity for travel purposes
  • Purchase side of foreclosures
  • Residential & commercial real estate transfer
  • Travel letters (for minors)
  • Sponsorship Letters
  • Statutory declarations
  • Zoning variance & building permits with city hall

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to notarize a document?

Notarization is when a notary public witnesses your signature in a document. In doing so, notaries legally clarify that the imprinted signature actually corresponds to the person referred to as signatory in the document. It also means that the notary verified your identity and your understanding of the contents of the document you are signing.

Can I sign the document and send it to be notarized with someone else?

No, the notary must see you signing.

Can I bring a photocopy of a document to be certified if I don’t have the original?

Unfortunately, no. When the notary certifies a copy of a document it means that the notary saw the original and compared it with the photocopy; thereby the notary is able to certify the copy as a true copy of the original.

What does the country from which I am sponsoring a visitor require along with the sponsorship letter in terms of supporting documents?

We can draft a sponsorship letter for you but, in terms of supporting documents, we leave the responsibility with you to contact the appropriate consulate office or an immigration consultant to assist you, as we are not able to advise you on this matter.

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